Denmark is one of the most digitized and innovative countries in Europe

In the past period, there have been forthcoming exploratory meetings in Denmark at Copenhagen Capacity with housing corporation BO-VEST, where the intentions to jointly start a project have been discussed. At the beginning of 2020, a project team of external professionals will be put together who participate in the GloBLD process, which starts a renovation process of a residential complex. The project starts with scanning the complex and its environment, after which specific data is linked to the classified 3D BIM model. This model is used for the management of the multi-year maintenance process and operation, whereby environmental (CO2) and energy advice are part of the project.

The GloBLD platform is used for the management of the relevant data. In collaboration with Copenhagen Capacity, the innovative character i.v.m. publicity in Denmark and the European rules regarding the procurement law in relation to cross-border cooperation.

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