International presentation of GloBLD in Milan

GloBLD is a partner of the EFL (European Federation for Living), a European forum that works in the interest of members to add value to their business and collaborates on sustainable living environments. On November 21 and 22, GloBLD presented its 3D Geo platform in Milan to the international group of housing associations and other partners of the EFL forum. An exciting moment where expectations were high.

The theme of the Milan meeting was; the promotion of social integration in urban renewal and the associated creation of affordable housing in our European cities. How is this controlled and which data is part of this question. In Milan, too, we are looking at how we can connect all the disciplines involved with each other and how we can control these types of processes.

GloBLD has been given the stage to present our platform that connects to how we can design economic and sustainable living environments (Smart Urban Ecosystem) that are data-driven. BO-VEST from Copenhagen (EFL participant) is one of the partners that will collaborate with GloBLD in a data-driven assignment.

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