NIBE and GloBLD are going to work together in the field of sustainability in construction

NIBE researches, advises and designs in the field of sustainability in construction. Just like GloBLD, NIBE wants to be a national and international leader in technology, science and feasibility with regard to environmentally conscious construction. We see quantifying and making the environmental impact of building materials and construction works measurable as an important, concrete step towards making the built environment more sustainable. In that capacity, it is also important to provide insight into the environmental benefits of pioneering and unconventional building methods (such as circular and biobased building).

The collaboration consists of linking the NIBE product database to the classified GloBLD 3D BIM models, giving users more insight into the properties of a large number of products in their building. This includes LCAs (life cycle analyzes), but also quality marks such as DUBOkeur.

The link with the database ensures that parameters in GloBLD are up-to-date and up-to-date and that the environmental effects of construction products are clear and comparable from the start of a project. By linking this database, which is supplemented and updated daily, within GloBLD, a unique source of knowledge is created for the entire construction chain.

Just like GloBLD, NIBE strives for involvement in the entire construction chain and advises producing parties, contractors, architects, developers and clients.

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