GloBLD is a networked economy related to the spatial living environment and platform for collaborating by sharing knowledge.

Those who dare to connect data will find a wealth of information

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Dare, Share, Care

Dare to take responsibility, Share information with others, Care about our world, be transparent, accessible and open.

Easy to say it? Yes, that needs courage. Real courage, and we have that as we are GloBLD. We want change and we will make that change. GloBLD networked economy include enhanced learning, more efficient use of resources, increased capacity to plan for and address complex problems, more integrated and holistic responses, and better services for clients and customers.

We challenge you to participate in the world of GloBLD – where cooperation, sustainability and networking is a norm for raising the quality of life. 

Our Vision and Ambition

GloBLD consists of three service: GloBLD Engineering, GloBLD Architecture, GloBLD Data Science .

GloBLD wants to be an example – where collaboration – sharing knowledge and joining forces leads measurably to a more viable and more sustainable living environment. We want to achieve this in forms of cooperation, data acquisition predominates for architecture, engineering and knowledge sharing via the platform.

Let's Develop, Create & Maintain

GloBLD is a 3D representation of the designed and built on the surface and underground world. The design of the world is based on the CityGML design model. It is an open data model and XML-based format for the storage and exchange of virtual 3D city models. The CityGML defines XML coding for transferring and storing geographical information, including both the geometry and the properties of geographical characteristics. It defines ways to describe most of the common 3D features and objects found in cities and landscapes.

GloBLD Platform

Structuring your data and easing the integration of building information models and management into your process.

GloBLD is a single source for the truth that facilitates the storage of data related to projects and assets in the Architecture, Engineering and construction industry. Project data include budget, planning and research. Asset’s Data includes IFC models, Revit source files, documents, spreadsheets or images.

Our World


GloBLD following CityGML is working in but not limited to the following disciplines:

  • Buildings:

    the exterior and interior

  • City furniture:

    benches, traffic lights, signs, etc.

  • Transport:

    roads, railways and squares

  • Tunnel:

    tunnels parts

  • Bridges:

    bridge related structures

  • LandUse:

    urban, agricultural, etc.

  • Relief:

    the shape of the site (DTM / DSM)

  • Vegetation:

    vegetation areas or individual trees

  • WaterBody:

    lakes, rivers, canals, streams, etc.

  • Generics

    other types

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Time to Act


Structuring your data and easing the integration of building information models and management into your process.

GloBLD means collaborating by sharing knowledge. GloBLD is a networked economy (cloud platform) on which all participants in all kinds of projects share their information with each other in a digital archive. In the total environment for sharing information all shared fails are well organised and easy searchable. Instead of working alongside each other, the various parties act as one company with the same archive of documents and model. In that way companies acting as one company can offer their clients two wonderful advantages.

  • First: realize the real estate ( as well as all kind of) projects on time, keeping deadlines and of cource for a good and reasonable price.
  • Second: provide measurable guarantees for the performance of the building in the future.

By sharing all knowledge about a real estate project in GloBLD, the costs of failure in construction will decrease dramatically and the future return of investment in the building will increase. If process partners are able to do this, they can work with a financial model in which the client only has to pay for the start-up costs and part of the fee at the start.

Asset Management

Understand Your Real Estate Portfolio More With Hand on Tools for Data Reporting

GloBLD eases the integration of a digital strategy by incorporating integrated workplace management capabilities, asset, and maintenance management in one place. Inventory the maintenance status of your buildings with condition assessments based on the NEN 2767 standard.

File Management

GloBLD Offers Users a Structure to Store Files of Different lormats Based on Locations. Grow Your Data Per Location As You Can Handle!

A combination of GIS and 3D models, as well as common formats such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, CSV, PDF etc, are uploaded per project or location. With integrations to CityGML, CBS and other data sources, we offer a library of data which organizations can use in their analysis as well as offering a portal to import their own data.

Data and User Management

GloBLD allows version control and notification system to go hand in hand to allow data structuring and easiness of being kept up to date.

Effective project planning and execution based on the integrative approach of notification and version control for data management

Building Information Model Viewer

An easy-to-use BIM viewer, based on the IFC standard Functions for revision, document and notification system for maintenance reporting

Building information models offer a rich 3D geometrical representation for better decision when different factors play a role in urban planning, regeneration, and expansion.

GloBLD App Store

GloBLD has its own GloBLD App Store from where plenty of additonal functions (apps) can be added:

  • The process is very easy - just drag & drop into the radial menu the app you would like to use
  • In the GloBLD app store there are self-developed apps but also third parties Apps. This model ensure an access to wide range of Apps that puts no limitation on app number on the market place.

* If you have your own app developed and you would like to put it on the GloBLD App Store, please contact us.



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