GloBLD is a networked economy related to the spatial living environment. A platform for collaborating by sharing knowledge.

Those who dare to connect data will find a wealth of information

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GloBLD is an Arch-Data platform that combines design thinking and data technology. A platform for collaboration, for sharing, structuring and managing data and developing knowledge

This data supports the entire life cycle of the spatially built environment; from urban research to design, from implementation to management and maintenance, to reuse and recycling. GloBLD visualizes all these steps through data collection and makes it measurable. This concerns as-designed and as-built datawhich makes it possible, together with analysis (eg using algorithms) to, among other things, improve andoptimize decisions and performance during the entire “construction” process as well as in the management and maintenance phase.Combining data and design creates “smart” cities and buildings that are more livable, healthier, safer, cleaner and more sustainable.

Relief Vegetation Water City Furniture
Land Use Bridges Tunnels Transportation Roads

Dare Share Care

Dare, Share, Care

Dare to take responsibility, Share information with others, Care about our world, be transparent, accessible and open.

Easy to say it? Yes, that needs courage. Real courage, and we have that as we are GloBLD. We want change and we will make that change. GloBLD can make recommendations to improve the performance of buildings, for example, or investigate process optimizations for a better understanding of cause and effect. This allows us to come up with new, collaborative development models between designers, building developers, corporations, residents and systems, where shared results can be formed to improve livability and health and reduce the use of natural resources.

We challenge you to participate in the world of GloBLD – where cooperation, sustainability and networking
is a norm for raising the quality of life.

Our Vision and Ambition

Based on data, GloBLD provides insight into how cities work, how people use the city, how people live and work and how they move through the city using the integrated CityGML model on which GloBLD is founded. We can use this data to better shape the spatial environment together with all stakeholders. All of this will enable us to better understand and measure the impact of our design decisions on people’s lives and to re-frame architecture as a tool that counteracts issues such as poor health and social isolation.

GloBLD services: GloBLD Engineering, GloBLD Architecture, GloBLD Data Science.

By offering various services, GloBLD offers you the opportunity to directly enter our world.

GloBLD wants to be an example – where collaboration – sharing knowledge and joining forces leads measurably to a more livable and sustainable living environment. We want to achieve this in forms of collaboration, data acquisition dominated for architecture, engineering and knowledge exchange via the platform.

Let's Develop, Create & Maintain

GloBLD is a 3D representation of the spatial environment, in coordinates projected on the globe. The design of the world is based on the CityGML design model, an international open GIS standard for the representation of urban objects in 3D. It defines the classes and relationships for the most relevant spatialdimensions and interdependence. This information has various application areas such as simulations, urban data mining and facility management. It is the open and official language for displaying cities in three dimensions.

CityGML defines the classes and relationships for the most relevant topographic objects in cities and
regional models with regard to their geometric, topological, semantic and external properties.

Our World Together

GloBLD Platform

Structuring your data and easing the integration of building information models and management into your process.

GloBLD is a single source for the truth that facilitates the storage of data related to projects and assets inthe Architecture, Engineering and construction/civil industry throughout the entire life cycle. Project data includes all data required at every stage from start to finish of the life cycle; from planning to building, from completion in construction to maintenance during use and from renovation to demolition.

Our World


GloBLD is set up in accordance with the CityGML, but also offers room for expansion:


the exterior and interior

City Furniture:

benches, traffic lights, signs etc


roads, railways and squares

Asset 1


tunnels parts


bridge related structures

Land Use:

urban, agricultural, etc.


the shape of the site (DTM / DSM)


vegetation areas or individual trees

Water Body:

lakes, rivers, canals, streams, etc.

Asset 1


other types

GloBLD is set up in accordance with the CityGML, but also offers room for expansion:

  • Buildings:

    the exterior and interior

  • City furniture:

    benches, traffic lights, signs, etc.

  • Transport:

    roads, railways and squares

  • Tunnel:

    tunnels parts

  • Bridges:

    bridge related structures

  • LandUse:

    urban, agricultural, etc.

  • Relief:

    the shape of the site (DTM / DSM)

  • Vegetation:

    vegetation areas or individual trees

  • WaterBody:

    lakes, rivers, canals, streams, etc.

  • Generics

    other types

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Time to Act


Structuring your data and easing the integration of building information models (3D BIM) and management into your process.

The GloBLD platform offers the possibility to define every possible environment (as-designed / as-built) as a project and to provide this project with desired and relevant data. This can be open source data and/or project-related data. This data enables the user to monitor, document, understand, analyze and, where possible, adjust the impact of ‘design’ decisions at every stage. Through its way of working, GloBLD wantsto contribute to shaping an open and transparent world in which society is stimulated to cooperate, whereby responsibility for good management of the earth increases and the quality of life is increased.

  • Make recommendations to improve the performance of buildings, for example
  • Investigate process optimizations for a better understanding of the consequences of certain choices
  • Make spatial planning tasks and impact on the physical environment visible

Asset Management

Understand your real estate portfolio more with hand on tools for data reporting

GloBLD facilitates the integration of a digital strategy by linking data in the field of asset management based on 3D BIM models, applications and reports for quality, environment and safety. The goal is to get returns driven the optimum performance from your real estate (assets). And that within acceptable risks and at acceptable costs, measured over the entire lifetime of the assets. For example, in the case of housing associations, it is about determining tactics such as “by exploiting”, “selling” or “renewing”. In practice, Asset Management is also introduced by corporations to focus more on financial returns.

Project Filing Management

GloBLD offers users a structured platform to view and store data and files from different sources and file formats based on location.

GloBLD means collaborating by sharing knowledge. GloBLD is a network economy (cloud platform) on which all participants share their information with each other through permissions to various projects in one digital archive. In the total information sharing environment, all (including revision) documents are organized and easily searchable and accessible. All project participants work as one organization with the same archive of documents and the same 3D BIM model.

GIS Management

Without structure in data and without being able to place it in a context (GIS), data does not yet contain information.

Only after the context, meaning and coherence of the data is clear, data can be interpreted correctly and can it be used as information. This information can be used in all conceivable processes and “management” decisions. Good data management is essential in having the right information available ontime. GloBLD is a 3D platform of the spatial living environment, driven from CityGML location, including for buildings classified 3D BIM models.

A combination of Open Source data sources, GIS and 3D BIM models, as well as commonly used formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc. can be consulted and uploaded per project and location. With the integrations with CityGML and other data sources, we offer a library of data that organizations can use in their analysis and we offer a platform for structured import of their own data.

User& Permission Management

Improving and managing processes related to permission management is crucial for companies to guarantee safety and to comply with laws and regulations.

With GloBLD, permission and version management and notification of changes, linked to a classified 3D BIM model, go hand in hand. Project participants can be invited per project and discipline with the corresponding permissions. This way, data is always structured and an optimum exchange of knowledge and information takes place, with preservation of history. Within the project, the provision of information isdesigned in such a way that relevant information, tips and advice can easily be shared so that process optimization can take place and every choice is recorded. Working together on effective project planning and implementation based on the integrated approach to data sharing.

Building Information Model Viewer

Use the integrated 3D BIM + viewer based on the IFC standard

In GloBLD all data about a building or project is shared with authorized participants. This way, all publicly available government data of existing buildings is visible. But the user of the platform can also create his own building file and upload files including 3D BIM models / 3D scans and data on energy consumption (sensor data), management costs, transaction data (purchase / purchase) etc. On a visual and very accessible way, the data is disclosed, structured and documented. Not just for one building, but for an entire portfolio. With the data that is made available, the real estate can be managed more effectively thanks to insight into, for example, the total m2 of paintwork and roof area, but also the number of windows and doors.

Building Information Models (BIM) offer a rich 3D geometric representation for better decisions when different factors play a role in the development and management phase.

GloBLD Library

GloBLD has its own Library from where functions (apps) can be added. Also by You!

The layout of the GloBLD Library is arranged in accordance with the CityGML disciplines. In every discipline apps are included that provide insight into specific object information of the spatial environmentthrough communication radians, such as building, plot and environment information. You can also add apps that you have developed yourself, based on project-specific data linked to external programs, and datasets. You can even offer these apps to the market from the library and ask for a fee for this. You create your own revenue model. The process is very simple – drag the app you want to use to the relevantradial and activate the function.

* If you have your own app developed and you would like to put it on the GloBLD App Store, please contact us.



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